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The solar photoelectric system is equipped with solar photoelectric converters and intelligent cloud modules (ICM) of Yingzheng Yushun Electronics Co., Ltd., which can continuously collect solar photovoltaic data information, and upload the collected data information to Yingzhengyu through the network Shun cloud platform system. The client uses the EnerSolis solar photovoltaic system cloud monitoring mobile APP to monitor the solar photovoltaic field in real time and obtain various power generation data information.

1. The project site list function displays the location of the project site, built capacity, today's power generation, cumulative power generation and ambient temperature, and can also sort the project site content according to today's power generation, cumulative power generation, and built capacity. It also provides search function, regional menu selection field and custom group field, which is convenient for the operation and use of the solar photovoltaic client terminal.
2. The operation status function, the display method is clear at a glance, which is convenient for solar photovoltaic users to check the operation status of the case. In addition to providing the total built capacity, total accumulated power generation, and todays total power generation, it also provides real-time health, warning and abnormal cases. Quantity and status, so that solar photovoltaic users can grasp the status of photovoltaic power generation in one hand, and ensure the quality of photovoltaic power generation.
3. The report function, the overall power generation benefit, each group power generation benefit, financial benefit and annual comparison, can clearly and detailedly present the power generation data of the solar photovoltaic field, and provide year, month, day and interval query, so that the solar photovoltaic client can always Grasp solar photovoltaic power generation and financial reports.

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