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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Endless Match - Fruit Memory.

Endless Match - Fruit Memory is a classic memory game where you must remember the position of various fruit and vegetables. Touch the tiles to flip them over and try to make a match!

- Level 1 starts with a mere four tiles. You just have to match two pairs to get to level 2! Level 2 has six tiles. Match three pairs to progress to level 3, and so on.
- Each level has two more tiles than the last making the game become harder and harder as you advance levels.
- Each level only allows you a set number of attempts to answer correctly. It's a great way to improve your memory!

- Endless Match uses pictures of various fruit and vegetables on each tile. Match eggplants, tomatoes, oranges, and strawberries!

- For each pair of fruit or vegetables matched, you gain a point.
- Can you get a top score?

Instead of matching two-of-a-kind, you have to match three-of-a-kind in "333s" mode and four-of-a-kind in "4444s" mode. It's quite tricky! Access these modes through the end-game menu.

- The colour theme changes between levels and between games - from forests to mountains, snow to plains.
- Drum beats are used to indicate the various sound events of the game (like flipping over tiles, matching a pair, making a mistake).
- You can turn off the sound in the settings menu (accessed by pressing the back button).

- The game is free to play thanks to advertising.
- After completing a level successfully, an ad will appear on occasion.
- You can replay any level by watching a short video ad. The tile-set will remain unchanged, that is, the position of the fruit and vegetables will be the same as last time. It's a good way to complete a tough level.

- Endless Match - Fruit Memory is a great way to improve your spatial memory.
- As you play the game more and more, you will become better at making matches and remembering the location of the various fruit and vegetables.
- As the name indicates, the game is endless. How far can you go?

Audio: Hydrogen Drum Machine 0.9.7
Font: Fira Mono (

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Endless Match - Fruit Memory.


Developer: Mt. Ford Studios

Recent changes: v.1.0.5 - Add new "Fours" game mode - Match four-of-a-kind!
v.1.0.4 - Add new "Threes" game mode - Match three-of-a-kind!
v.1.0.3 - Fix up replay button ads (make sure the Internet is connected)
v.1.0.2 - Brighter icon.
v.1.0.1 - Added two new themes - Flowers and Night.
v.1.0.0 - Just released!

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