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encrypt is a simple yet powerful file encryption application, and is available not only for Android devices but GNU/Linux, Apple's OS X and Microsoft Windows too. By having a simple and intuitive interface it achieves a consistent look and feel on any system, allowing you to get right down to securing your data.

At its core it uses free libraries to provide a large collection of algorithms to choose from, many of which were finalists for the AES competition.

The following cryptographic algorithms are currently supported on both desktop and Android systems: AES (and other Rijndael variants up to 256 bits), Serpent (128, 192 and 256 bit variants), Blowfish (128 bit) and Twofish (128 and 256 bits), as well as (Triple) DES.

And the following one-way hash algorithms are common to all systems: TIGER, SHA1, the SHA2 variants (256, 384 and 512 bits), and MD5.

In an effort to make encrypt even more useful to even more people, it's been written to use the compatible encryption libraries by the GNU Project: libgcrypt and gnu-crypto. This allows many different algorithms to be chosen from on both Android devices and desktop systems.

The permissions requested are READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, and WAKE_LOCK; obviously you need the first two if you want to encrypt/decrypt files stored on your device, and the wake lock stops the OS putting encrypt to sleep before it's finished.

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Developer: albinoloverats ~ Software Development

Recent changes: Update/Fix file handling on OS X, update file handling on Android, update debugging information and improve error handling (all desktop), compile against latest version of dependencies (particularly libgcrypt and gnu-crypto), add self-test routine (desktop CLI)

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