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Easy Jump is one of the most popular impostor jumping games with the travel space theme.

Easy Jump will start a crazy and exciting bouncing adventure for you. In Easy Jump, you will control an impostor flying through space, avoiding collisions with dangerous planets, collecting items and earning a lot of gold to unlock more and more impostors. Everything sounds easy, right? But believe me, Easy Jump is so easy to play but so hard to master. Only 10% of players can win and unlock special items. It is the most addictive jumping game of 2021 !!! Are you ready to travel space in Easy Jump adventure?


Tap to your smartphone screen to jump the impostor

Along the road to travel space, control the impostor to eat a lot of golds and items. The jumping game has a wonderful items system, every item gives you a special strength and effect. They help imposter boost X2 speed, create a shield or destroy dangerous planets, protect adventure etc.

Avoiding collisions with dangerous planets. These planets are always hovering in the universe and suddenly jump out. Remember that always hold your hand on the screen for a moment, to keep the impostor from moving, before it crashes into a planet. The number of planets will appear more and more, the difficulty of Easy Jump will increase gradually, use all the items you collect to protect the impostor and win the jumping game.

What happens if the impostor crash into these dangerous planets? BOOM a terrifying explosion will happen, the adventure ends, end game and you die !!!


Easy to play, tap to control

Stunning jumping visuals and sound effects: Relaxing, lively music, giving the feeling of travel space, floating in the universe

Have more than 10 universe backgrounds styles you can feel free to choose for your adventure. Each background will give you a completely different universe travel experience. You can freely travel on the constellations of the zodiac, feel the magic of the milky way or admire the beauty of the solar system

Interesting characters system with more than 10 impostors: every impostor has a special appearance and effects. You can use golds you earn to unlock characters you like.

Easy Jump is a very addictive jumping game, hurry up and enjoy this wonderful game! Download now and enjoy it, love jumping and make the boring time fun!

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Developer: EasyGame Ltd

Recent changes: Start Game.

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