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Easy Manager for OneDrive

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Play this online game named Easy Manager for OneDrive.

LolliCloud the Microsoft OneDrive and Phone/Tablet file explorer
••• Microsoft OneDrive content manager.
••• Phone/Tablet content manager.

Easily manage your your phone/tablet and Microsoft OneDrive content with LolliCloud app.

✓ You can lock LolliCloud app by using a passcode
✓ Whole folders and multiple files can be downloaded and uploaded from and to SkyDrive.
✓ Downloading/uploading (from/to OneDrive) is done in background meaning it won't disturb you.
✓ Downloading/uploading (from/to OneDrive ) can be paused and resumed any time you wish.
✓ Downloading/uploading (from/to OneDrive ) can be done simultaneously ( both at once,)

And more...

• LolliCloud is the do-it-all Microsoft OneDrive manager:

✓ Easily access and browse all your OneDrive content:
✓ Create new folders and albums at your OneDrive account.
✓ Automatic upload of newly taken photos to your Microsoft OneDrive .
✓ Get OneDrive storage space quota
✓ Upload multiple files (photo, video, docs,..) or/and whole folders at once from your phone
to your Microsoft OneDrive .
✓ Upload can be paused, resumed or cancelled anytime you wish even after restart.
✓ View all upload progress details.
✓ Manage your OneDrive files – copy, move, delete, rename.. multiple files/folders at once
✓ See any Microsoft OneDrive file details/properties
✓ Share OneDrive links allowing others to view and/or edit shared content
✓ Open a OneDrive link directly in browser
✓ Open your OneDrive files in other Android apps.
✓ Download multiple files (photo, video,..) or/and whole folders at once from Microsoft OneDrive to the location
you choose in your phone.
✓ Download can be paused, resumed or cancelled anytime you want.
✓ View all play online progress details
✓...LolliCloud and Microsoft OneDrive are for each other, try it yourself to experience more...

• With LolliCloud you can easily manage your phone content. Here are some of the things
you can do browsing your local files:
✓ Easily access and browse all your phone/tablet content.
✓ All app are grouped in one folder
✓ All photos are grouped in albums in one folder
✓ All music files are grouped in one folder
✓ All videos are grouped in one folder
✓ Manage your files – share, send, copy, move, delete, rename.. multiple files at once
✓ See any file details/properties
✓ Browse all your apps and sort them by size, date, permissions count and more...
✓ Clear all your apps cache data in one touch to free space
✓ Uninstall more than one app at once.
✓ See each app required permissions and their descriptions
✓ See each app details in place
✓ See all your photos in gallery
✓...try LolliCloud yourself to experience more...

•• Some usage tips:
• To enable/disable the lock screen go to menu then Settings.
• To see a file context menu (move, copy, delete, share,...), long-press it (touch and hold on it a while).
• To enable/disable the automatic photo upload go to menu then Settings.

Enjoy :)




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