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Dungeons for mine - a addons collection with dungeon maps for mine.

Inside you can find the following craft add-ons:

Diamond dungeon
Trapped in a mysterious diamond mine. an you escape?!
Fight your way through mobs, parkour sections and hidden levers!
Will you dare activate the forbidden lever?!
Can you find the hidden room?

Nether dungeon map for mcpe
This Dungeon Crawler has an expansive maze with varied loot throughout to help you fight bigger and better bosses that lead up to the ultimate boss fight. Roam around the maze and collect monument fragments (pieces of wool) after defeating 5 different stages of mobs to help you finally complete the monument after the final boss fight where you will face 4 further groups of mobs and then if you are successful youwill be teleported to a winners arena to celebrate.

Zombie craft dungeon
You have been captured by the zombies and now must escape the zombie mkpe dungeon map before they eat you!
Can you find all the hidden passages and make it out this massive dungeon alive?! Escape your cell. Find some weapons. Kill the zombies. Find the levers. Parkour stages. ESCAPE THE ZOMBIE DUNGEON!

Skeleton dungeon
Introducing the new insanely addictive game called Escape The Skeleton Dungeon for mkpe maps. This is a very interesting game and is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. If you like battles, shoots, treasure hunts, obstacles on yours and much more, then this is exactly what you need.
You wake up in some unknown dungeon mod for mcpe. After you understand that this is a skeleton dungeons for map. This is a trap from which you must get out alive.

Find all the hidden passages and stay alive!

DISCLAIMER: This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. All rights reserved in accordance with

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Dungeons for mine.


Developer: kaple wable

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