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Need a simple yet stylish app to count your life points during a Yu-Gi-Oh duel, even for long-distance duels? Then Duel Connect is just what you are looking for! This app is perfect for both in person and remote duels, allowing each player to keep track of their own life points while simultaneously viewing their opponent's real-time life points. Not only does the app offer you an innovative design with several personalization options, but it also saves all your duel results so that you can later admire your performance in various graphs and tables. Just scan your opponent's QR code and let the duel begin!

What will you experience in Duel Connect?
Fight heated duels, whether in person or remotely
Personalize your life points input
Dice and coin simulator
Simple and efficient design
View your statistics and performance against other users
Start your duels with as many Life Points as you like
Sound and Design as known from the anime
An excellent life points counter for remote duels
Choose one of several beautiful backgrounds

Customize your duel input mode
In Duel Connect, you can decide which input form you prefer! Are you the classic type who enters your life point changes via a keyboard or do you prefer the smart gesture control? This life points counter offers you the following possibilities:

Keyboard - The classic way. You simply enter your health changes using a calculator keyboard.

Text field - Use buttons to decide about the content of each text field. Each digit of the number has its own text field. Sounds complicated, but it is extremely intuitive and fast to use.

Buttons - There are a number of buttons available for you to quickly add life points to the current value, and finally, you can perform the change of life points with a single floating button.

Gesture control - Elegant and efficient. Control your health with simple finger movements or tap the top and bottom of the screen to increase or decrease your health.

Track your duel performance
Now it's getting really exciting. How have you performed in your duels so far? Against which opponents do you usually perform badly or well? Use the statistics to analyze your duel performance and that of your decks in more detail. Maybe you'll notice some good opportunities for improvement that will help you take your skills and your deck to the next level. Don't set limits to your creativity!

Enjoy your duel log
Looking for that one legendary duel you had with your friend and want to retrace the process? Duel Connect not only gives you access to all your duels but also provides precise log data of your duels, so you can always track how they went.

Download now and show the others that YOU are the king of games!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Duel Connect - Life Counter.


Developer: Cyberskamp

Recent changes: - New quick duel mode
- 3D Dice and Coin
- You can now select background image for the app

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