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DIY bookshelves ideas

For you, this is the special DIY bookshelves ideas!

Hallowed TV bookcase:
Got a old vintage television set at home? You can now turn that into a hallowed DIY bookshelves ideas where it will be compact to store your recent or all time favourite collection in it. This will also give a new look to the old boring TV.

Ladder bookshelf:
Attach the ladder horizontally to the wall and you can simply arrange the books to the rungs of the ladder and make it look like a DIY bookshelves ideas that will look beautiful. This lovely décor idea is very simple to implement as all you need is just an old wooden ladder and your awesome collection of books and magazines.

Leather harness DIY bookshelves ideas :
Just simply hang two leather belts of different sizes to the metal clamp and you can balance the book to the leather rings and they will stand safe and well balanced. This will be suitable for placing very few books where you can use it for day-to-day reading purpose.

Roped shelves:
This is also one of the simple ideas where you can simply pierce holes into the wooden planks and connect them with ropes with knots between them and place books on the shelves and they will form a beautiful wooden hanging DIY bookshelves ideas .

Wooden pallet bookshelf:
Attach wooden pallets to the walls and make these rustic wooden things turn into something creative and useful. You can make use of them to place books or photo frames or combination of both and it will look good, also it is one of the cost-effective ways to place the books.
Among various other bookshelf ideas these are some of the useful ways by which you can easily create an attractive DIY bookshelves ideas at home.
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