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Data Smart Switch Mobile 2020

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Data smart switch mobile 2020 helps you to switch any data like contacts, photos, media, video' to transfer data from android to android phone by transfer and copy your data from phone to another over a WiFi network using wifi direct, without need any computer or router.

You just need both phones the old device and the new device to be connected. you don't need a wifi network sours just phone to phone, and then follow the instructions...

Data smart switch mobile 2020 is a super backup and data recovery tool to easily copy data from your old phone to the new one, and switch the phone without the need for any computer or other tools.

how to work it on Data smart switch mobile 2020:

easy steps to switch your data to new device

A: open Data smart switch mobile 2020 on both phones, tablets or any android device

B: click on start and the sync button appear click on it in both devices

C: now choose which device you want to send it data

D: as you see you can choose which data you want to send to the old device

E: After you choose your data click on send and wait until the send is done

Extremely fast:
If your phone is old, and you want to switch data from your phone or backup your contacts, photos, and video to the new phone, just use the Data smart switch mobile 2020 data recovery tool to easily copy data in a few easy steps.

When you choose to, switch phone, copy your data, Data-Smart Switch will find your nearby Android device running Data smart switch mobile 2020. it will begin transferring your data and put it in the right places. Just like that. Once your content has been transferred, youre ready to get going. Thats it you can start using your new Android Phone, Tablet or any android device

[Without fear of privacy leak]
Real-offline data transfer. No need to worry about scary data leaks and breaches.

[Professional data transfer tool]
Switch Mobile easily by using Data smart switch mobile 2020. Just play online Data smart switch mobile 2020 and try it out!

Please If you like Data smart switch mobile 2020 share it with your friends and family it's easy and fast to share any data like photo video and contacts between devices.
enjoy it.

Recent changes:
Data smart switch mobile 2020 new version easy to use and fast to transfer your data enjoy it

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Data Smart Switch Mobile 2020.


Developer: endoscope camera usb

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.0.0

App size: 7.2M

Recent changes: switch data smart and easy on this version enjoy ♥


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