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Data Safe Free

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Data Safe Free - The Document and Photo Vault.

Data Safe Free is your secure vault for your sensible data like pictures, videos, photos, pdfs or any kind of other files you do not want to store unencrypted. Store photos of your id card, passport, important documents or any other files you may need.
Test Data Safe Free without any restriction than two folders. If you want to create more folders please consider to buy the full version.

Data Safe uses the very strong ChaCha20 symmetric algorithm by Daniel J. Bernstein with 256 Bit keys. Data Safe does not choose AES-256 by purpose because the underlying Rijndael algorithm was not taken into the AES standard as the authours proposed.
Your once chosen password is not saved anywhere.

TouchID or and means making login easier are not support by purpose because they need your secret password to be stored on the device or even in the cloud anywhere. This means choose your password wisely and do not forget it because there will be no way to recover your data once you loose your password.

Save any files encrypted on your device, view images, photos, videos, pdfs encrypted on your device without the need to save them unsecure on your local device. You are able to import files from local storage or your camera directly into Data Safe. Crop your images from camera directly in Data Safe.

Share files via Whatsapp, Email, local storage or other apps if you want to and whoever you want to. In this case files will be decrypted just before sharing so the recipient will be able to open your file.

Organize your files in colored folders and rearrange and order them how you like.

Data Safe exits from memory after some period of time when in background to give you maximum security. That time you can choose in Data Safe's settings according to your needs.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Data Safe Free - The Document and Photo Vault.


Developer: Data Safe Document Photo Vault Inc

Recent changes: Added language support for arabic, chinese and japanese. More coming soon. In case you miss your prefered language, feel free to contact me and i will do my best.

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