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CUE Retail is a smart store management platform for retail companies that supports intuitive understanding of store management and rational management.
[Use environment]
Traffic statistics and analysis are possible in environments such as branded retail stores.
[Product Features]
Multi-angle traffic data analysis: It is possible to support store visit traffic analysis, area traffic analysis, dwell time analysis, heat map analysis, etc.
Traffic attribute analysis: Support for analyzing customer attributes such as gender ratio and age distribution of store visitors.
Store video view: You can check the status of the store at any time by supporting the in-store real-time video view and video record playback function.
[Product Advantage]
Guaranteed high traffic statistics data accuracy of over 95%. We have completed verification of data collection in various environments such as clothing stores, cosmetics stores, cafes, and car dealerships.
Data safety isolates, encrypts and stores all customer data, so there is no risk of information leakage.
The standardized solution building process is easy and efficient to implement.

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Developer: CUE Group

Recent changes: 1. 고객이 그날의 승객 흐름 및 검사 데이터를 보다 직접적으로 이해할 수 있도록 홈페이지의 데이터 표시를 최적화합니다.
2. AI 검사 모듈을 추가하여 AI가 고객이 자동으로 문제를 찾고 온라인으로 기록할 수 있도록 합니다.
3. 보안 비디오 감시를 지원하고 온라인으로 정류를 시작합니다.

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