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In this App, Critical Care Calculator (CCC+), the most important tools used in daily clinical practice in the specialty of Intensive Care Medicine are included.
Contains calculators, scales, prognostic indices, drug dosage and diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms.
Not only will it be very useful for Intensive Medicine specialists, but, as it is organized by systems, it will also be a very useful tool for specialists in Digestive Medicine, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Traumatology and Internal Medicine.
Thus, for example, Digestive Medicine includes calculators that are widely used in clinical practice such as the MELD or the interpretation of the result of ascitic fluid in cirrhotic patients, different indices and scores of liver fibrosis (FIB4, APRI...), etc.
In Cardiology, among others, you will be able to calculate the risk of bleeding using the HAS-BLED score and the CRUSADE, the probability of an AMI using the troponin curve or in the presence of left bundle branch block (Sgarbossa), identify the prognosis of patients with ACS using the TIMI risk score and obtaining guidelines for antithrombotic management in patients with AF/flutter undergoing PCI.
Neurological assessment calculators such as NIHSS, Canadian, Glasgow, FOUR are included; Sedoanalgesia scales RASS, MAAS, BPS, CPOT, ICDSC, PreDeliric Model or how to interpret CSF analytical results.
In the metabolism and nutrition part, a "Nutritional Macrocalculator" is implemented that includes all the most used energy equations (Penn-State, Faissy, Harris-Benedict...) and nitrogen balance calculators, creatinine/height index, BMI, ACT , MCM,....
In Nephrology, calculated or estimated CrCl, fractional excretion of urea, sodium and magnesium, dosage guidelines in CVVHDF or the circulating volume to be treated in plasmapheresis.
In Pneumology, Ga-A, PaFi, SpFi, LIS, CURB65 calculators; COPD prognostic indicators (GOLD, CAOS, BOBE, CODEX)...
In Traumatology prognostic indicators such as TRISS, ABC score, MBTT, TASH, or the management of "massive hemorrhage".
Included in Endocrinology you will be able to calculate sodium, bicarbonate, and water deficits (hypernatremia) and electrolyte replacement guidelines; Plasma osmolarity, urinary or sodium correction in hyperglycemia and calcium in hypoalbuminemia.
In the "Drugs" section there are guidelines for administration by feeding tubes, rules for the administration of intravenous antimicrobials and dose adjustment in renal and hepatic failure. A calculator is included to determine the dosage of intravenous drugs in continuous perfusion most used in the ICU (norepinephrine, dexmedetomidine, isoproterenol...) both with standard dilutions and manually selected ones. In addition, antithrombotic dosage tables (antiaggregants, heparins, VKA, NoVKA, DACO), insulinization guidelines and dose adjustment for IV insulin are introduced. and sc., management of steroids in the ICU (ARDS, shock, COPD), indications for vasopressin analogs, and tables with the usual doses of sedatives, systemic and epidural analgesics, antiarrhythmics, and bronchodilators.

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Developer: Prestaciones Médicas RCCC

Recent changes: This update incorporates a version translated into English of CCC+, being able to select the desired language.
Includes new calculators: SIC score, PIRO score, NEWS-2, Lactate/PVaCO2 ratio, PES score, ARC-HBR Scale, HEART Score, EDACS score, PRECISE-DAPT, PERC, ACP risk score, MBTT score, ALBI and PALBI score, Rockall score, MAP(ASH) score, Equivalences opioids, Opioid converter to transdermal fentanyl, Estimated baseline creatinine, SBU Calculation, Citrate dose adjustment...

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