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For the price of one comic book you can organize, manage, and track your collection. Get real time statistics of your collection value. Scan books by bar-code or input title and issue for a comprehensive search. If all else fails you can manually enter data and take pictures of issues. You even can share titles and images with your contacts.

Comic Book Tracker is born out of pain, sorrow, and the joy of collecting comics. Several years ago, my comic books were threaten by a fire at my parents home. My family was safe though a good part of my child hood home was burn to the ground. Miraculously my comic book collection survived.

My parents insurance company pleaded with me not to remove the books until they were able to access the damage and get contractors to bid for repairs. My father wanted to move my books to the garage, I pleaded with him to leave them in the house per the insurer request. Sad to say he did not listen and move the books to the garage. The next day my books were stolen, and the insurance company refuse to cover them because I did not live in the home.

I was devastated and started the process to get the insurance company to pay for my books. I could not even tell the insurance company what my books were worth. I had two things in my favor; first, the storeowner, which I bought the bulk of my collection from, wrote me a letter to the insurance company. Second, my insurance capped out and I easily made the cap.

The whole ordeal is still be a sore subject at times, and I have to remind myself it is just material things. For many years, I wanted to collect books again but turned off at the high cost of books. I started buying books sporadically and could never remember whether I purchased the book so I started racking up duplicates. I also was doing a poor job at tracking what books I wanted to purchase and would forget when I get to the comic book store.

Well that was it. Something had to change if I was going to start back collecting. Therefore, Comic Book Tracker was born. I wanted something that would allow me to track my collection as well as it purchased, market, and retail value. I wanted to see in real time what my collection is worth!

I also wanted to be able to identify issues I am missing so that I can focus on securing those books. Then there is the cool factor, I wanted to be able to share titles with friends that I thought were interesting. Charts and statistics round out the usefulness of the application.

So what was my purpose of sharing all the background information? I wanted you to know that this application is a labor of love. Born out of sorrow and now offers great joy to the art of collecting. This is my personal invitation to you, to join me in this journey of making the best comic book collection app.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Comic Book Tracker.


Developer: techrens

Recent changes: Implemented a secondary search feature
Various bug fixes and optimization

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