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Chess Master Games Pro

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Chess Master Games Pro.

This app is the Pro version of the free Chess Master Games app, which contains almost all games by the legends of chess!

Includes almost all games by:
* Kasparov
* Karpov
* Fischer
* Spassky
* Petrossian
* Botvinnik
* Smyslov
* Tal
* Aljechin
* Euwe
* Capablanca
* Lasker
* Steinitz

More than 25000 games covering the modern history of chess. All games are easy to play through directly in the app and you can also search for specific games using the search facilities.

It is also possible to do computer analysis on the games via the analyze this (free) third party app, there is an easy interface from this app, so you can send any of the master games to analysis and see if the old master hold up to the scrutiny of the modern chess engines.

Carry Chess History in your pocket today!

If enough people show support for this app by buying it, more legendary players will be added.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Chess Master Games Pro.


Developer: Pondar

Recent changes: Version 1.7:
Support for newer Android Versions.

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