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Hello Chemistry Student!
Meet ChemistryMaster, the app that allows you to study Chemistry quickly and easily.
"ChemistryMaster - Basic Chemistry" is simple and intuitive.
"ChemistryMaster - Basic Chemistry" will help you in the study, sometimes insidious, of Chemistry and will make you passionate about the subject.
Here are the topics covered:
The Matter:
- The Atom
- Atomic and Mass Number
- Periodic Table of Elements
- The orbital and quantum numbers
- Ions
Chemical Ties:
- The Molecule
- Chemical Bond
- Covalent Bond
- Dative Bond
- Ionic Bond
- Metallic Bond
- Secondary or Weak Bonds
Chemical Compounds:
- The scale of acidity, pH
- Oxidation number and valence
- Basic oxides and acids
- Hydroxides
- Acids
- Hydracids
- Get on
- Peroxides
Read about Chemistry:
- Chemical Reactions
- La Mole
- Atomic Mass Units
- Atomic and Molecular Mass, Atomic and Molecular Weight
- Mass conservation law or Lavoiser's law
- Law of Defined Proportion or Proust Law
- Law of Multiple Proportions or Dalton's Law
The States of Matter:
- Introduction
- Aeriform state
- Liquid Status
- Solid State
- State changes
- Ideal gas laws
- Boyle's Law
- Charles' law or Gay-Lussac's first law
- Gay-Lussac's Second Law
- Law of Avogadro
- Real gas law

If you want to propose improvements and implementations send me an email to: [email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game ChemistryMaster - Basic Chemistry.


Developer: Carlo Terracciano - MasterApps

Genre: Education

App version: 2.7

App size: 54M

Recent changes: ChemistryMaster - Basic Chemistry is the necessary tool for chemistry students! Download it now!

*New contents
*Small improvements


Gives a notification about a story, click notification, opens app and goes to home screen rather than the thing I clicked on. Useless.

Easy to use and takes you through the basics step by step - thanks guys! The periodic table with pop ups is really great. Fixing a few grammatical errors would help me understand the concept more easily... some sections I had to re-read to work them out.

Installed on my tablet and at first I loved it. Used the quiz feature recently and you do 1 quiz (5 questions) and then literally get ads on top of ads. One loaded and played 5 seconds and then another one started. When I clicked out of the 2nd then first one continued from where it left off. The ads are not finished however because 2 more load. Having to sit through at least 4 ads before I decided to restart the app just for a 5 question quiz is crazy.

Simple and easy to use,very efficient for understanding and comprehending. It's a GSCE blessing.

Need always to have a theoretical chemistry app in my phone, and this is the best one. Thanks!!'

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