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The BWARE App is a free tool designed to assist registered BWARE Users while out of office, on-site. Users of the App are able to complete a limited set of functions from BWARE when they cannot do so from their office. The App is designed to provide access to existing information and provide notification of any actions or forms required to be completed by the user.

Functions provided include:

Ability to complete forms created by users in BWARE, this includes the capability to add images, comments, create corrective actions from forms. And link attendees from your list of employees or contractors.

Create, edit, and Sign off Actions required on site. Actions can be assigned to either Workers or Contractors (PCBUs)

View Workplace (Site Specific) plans created in BWARE, or build basic plans from templates using your existing data. This includes checklists, emergency plans, training competency matrix, JSEAs, associated risks, hazardous substances, required training, workers and PCBUs who are working onsite,

View or Edit existing JSEAs. Users are also able to create these from the app when out on site.

Ability to complete competency assessments and update the records of workers for any training entered in BWARE

Sign in and Sign out of workplaces. This allows Managers to see who is on-site at any time for any worker or PCBU

View site-specific information including pdfs of any forms completed for workplaces either on the app or from BWARE. Ability to view pdf reports for sections of workplace plans.

Dashboard access to logged-in users information including forms completed by the user, general documents from the App Library, all actions for the user

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game BWARE.


Developer: Bware Ltd

Recent changes: - JSEA revamped as "Safe Work Plans"
- SWP templates added for ease while creating new, as well as selection in Workplace
- Bottom menu captions added
- Share functionality added for SWP and Workplace

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