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So you can already track the planes above your head, and the boats on the open seas near you. Now, you can also track the buses around you, working hard transporting people where they need to be!

Using the power of the Bus Open Data Service, this app finds nearby buses and shows you where they are!

This initial version of the application communicates with a server, and will grow to provide information, and a handy icon, for most buses in the UK (now including London!). Currently, the information is being added by me in my spare time, but you can update any information for any vehicle!

What's planned for future versions:
- Add remaining info and icons for the buses around the UK
- Add timetable information
- Match buses to timetables, showing how they're running, when they'll be at the next stop etc.

I suppose a question you could ask is why? The idea has been born out of my partner not knowing where her bus is for going to work, to know how finely she can leave the house and not wait round in the rain!

If there's any suggestions you may have about this application, what you'd like to see, or even which bus company you'd like to be pushed up my priority list for adding data, feel free to drop me an email on [email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Bus Radar UK.


Developer: BTL Studios

Recent changes: Rather significant performance/data usage improvement - especially noticeable in London now all the tracking data is included!

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