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Game Play:

Everything is out of control! Your Bunnies have wondered off the boat and you have to get them back and get out before the island residents throw you off and keep them delicious rabbits to themselves. You're a rabbit that doesn't know how to swim so avoid the water! Get all three of your bunnies and get back on that boat and vamoose! Your little bunnies want to play so they'll be playing hard to catch. Try to beat my top score of 13 seconds :p

*Tip: Having trouble with the two full size linebacker bears knocking you into the abyss? One of them happens to be deadly allergic to the hay inside of rabbit poop.

*Tip:If you fail, them bears will do a victory dance.


I made this game by myself, which is the reason it's only one stage. It's my first attempt at a GameJam and it's not perfect. It's definitely going to be glitchy and stuff, but I hope you enjoy it. I couldn't have done it without a few assets from the Unity Asset Store and the Tutorials from Unity. They really helped me along way.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Bun Bun Rescue.


Developer: AnthonyTech

Genre: Casual

App version: 0.3

App size: 29M

Recent changes: This is the prototype/demo of a game I'm trying to showcase. This app is being turned into a full game, as it stands it's just a casual time-attack game. More to come. Included 32bit format. Thank you for playing.

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