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BrightBranches Interactive Family Tree Viewer

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A family tree should be more than names, places and dates. What about all the information behind each person that tells their story We create family trees that are interactive pieces of digital art. Excellent conversation pieces that will captivate your audience. Perfect for sharing your family history at holiday gatherings or family reunions.

Our family tree application has been designed for Android TV. You can also use it on tablets and mobile devices. We recommend using the new Google Chromecast. Then use our app to easily display your interactive family tree on your big screen TV. Our Android app allows you to use any television to turn your family tree into a captivating digital work of art

Bright Branches Interactive Family Tree Features:

5 Generations: Shows paternal and maternal lines for a married couple.

Easy to see: Total of 120 people on the screen at one time.

Interactive zoom: Click on a person to zoom for better readability.

Popup profiles: Click on a person to view their profile with detailed information.

Profile information: Facts and sources are easily viewable for any family member.

Popup images: Click on a source to quickly view, zoom and pan around.

Customizable: Choose from one of our predefined colors or choose your own.

Family photos: Upload family photos to use a background

Rotating colors: Choose to have your tree change colors

Animation: Choose to show various artistic animations of your tree

Please note: Uploading photos and creating custom color schemes is only available on the website at this time. Once you have uploaded photos or made custom color schemes they will appear in the app. You can also change the person the tree is focused on using the website.

We can import your family tree or GEDCOM files.
Visit our website to get started.

Click below to learn about the Google Chromecast. Use it along with our app to turn your family tree into a digital work of art.
Chromecast with Google TV

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game BrightBranches Interactive Family Tree Viewer.



Recent changes: Corrected issue with fonts showing up to large when users have their system fonts set to max size.

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