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The Brazilian Jujitsu techniques and moves are what have become known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. A variation on ju jitsu in Brazil. Over 95% of street fights finish on the ground, hence ground-fighting skills are extremely important for self-defense. Taking an attacker to the ground eliminates around 80% of their arsenal, leaving you in a perfect position to finish the fight. Of course if there is more than one attacker, taking the fight to the ground is one of the worst moves imaginable for obvious reasons. here will show you several Brazilian Jujitsu techniques and positions you may find yourself in whilst ground-grapping, including finishing techniques, counters, escapes and take-downs. As with any Ju-Jitsu technique, be extremely careful whilst practising these moves with a partner. Sometimes just an inch of movement can break a bone or cause someone to fall unconscious. No responsiblity is accepted for injury or even death of anyone using this site for unsupervised training. Positions This section shows many of the positions that you will find yourself in whilst fighting and also which positions to try and attain. The Mount The Guard The Side Mount North-South Scarf Hold The Back Mount Knee On Chest/Stomach Transitions Standing Up In Base Side Mount To Mount - Step Over Side Mount To Mount - Knee Drive Scissor Sweep (Guard To Mount) Push Sweep (Guard To Mount) Double Ankle Grab Sweep (Guard To Mount) Escapes Upward Lift Escape (Under Mount) Guard Escape (Push) Guard Escape (Elbow Drive) Passing The Guard (Kneeling) Head Lock Escape (Hip Roll) Head Lock Escape (Leg Hook) Head Lock Escape (Arm Frame) WANT TO KNOW MORE? for further information and details, play online this now and grab what you want. please enjoy this application and give us any feedback.


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