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Box Companion App for DOOH Biz

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Box Companion App for DOOH Biz.

Turn any screen into a digital signage with ADmyBRANDs BOX Digital OOH solutions and remotely manage your screens contents with us

For Non-smart TV (LCD & LED), you have to purchase a hardware from us that needs to be attached to the screen and for Smart TV (LCD & LED) there is no need for any hardware, all you need is to install BOX TV app on the respective screen. TV app is available for Android, Linux, Windows and Brightsign platforms.

Whether you have Smart TV or Non Smart TV, All screens can be controlled with this app
Use this app as TV remote for all of your screens
Remotely update and manage screens
Display any images, videos, or documents
Create custom playlists
Schedule when your content is displayed
Play ads and monetize your screen

Utility of Box for SMBs, Shop keepers, Retailers and for Business Owners

Its no secret that catching customers attention is one way to increase foot traffic and engagement for your business. In the digital age with the availability of lower-cost displays and wireless connection, digital signage is a great way to do just that.

Our platform facilitates dynamic content stream on screens at your shop, store or retail outlet. This is truly a wow factor thats sure to catch your business some attention. Our app lets you update your digital signs content so its always relevant to new events or changes for your business. Customers and clients will be more likely to be engaged and take action, especially because digital signage can link back to your social media presence.

All this and its for FREE, plus if you choose you play ads on your screens, you get an additional passive income opportunity

Utility of Box for digital signage business owners or for those who are looking to start digital signage business

We provide one stop and most cost effective digital signage business solutions.

Our Hardware helps you to turn non-smart TVs into digital signage while our TV app embedded with player enables any Android based screen to play your broadcast. From your home, office or anywhere on the road you can set a broadcast of images, videos and other slides to the Android device.
- Schedule your broadcast
- Broadcast to one or many screens (same or different content)

What type of digital signage objects/widgets can I use

- Image
- Video
- Flash animation
- Slideshow
- Rolling text (custom tickers)
- Weather
- Clock
- Countdown
- Web page / HTML
- Poll
- Instagram
- Shape
- YouTube video
- Templates
- IoT
- Barcode Reader
- Calendar
- Table

and most importantly advertisements to earn passive income!

Broadcast your content in minutes to any number of screens and locations with BOX by ADmyBRAND.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Box Companion App for DOOH Biz.


Developer: ADmyBRAND

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