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Welcome to "Block Puzzle Jigsaw Tower", an intriguing fusion of classic block puzzle strategy and exhilarating tower defense mechanics, set in a fantastic cyberpunk world full of neon blocks in a puzzle world.
Your puzzle-solving skills will be tested as you fend off relentless enemies hordes. In each level, you are tasked with assembling Tetris-like blocks to build an impregnable defense tower. Each block you place could mean the difference between survival and succumbing in puzzle solving game.

Immerse in 'Block Puzzle Jigsaw Tower,' a thrilling game born from a top-two team's creative brilliance in a competitive game dev jam event. The main feature of our unique new game is the innovative combination of Tetris-style puzzles with exhilarating tower defense!

Defend tower with Tetris blocks! Solve puzzles, stop the enemies attack by logic!

With its beautiful graphics, atmospheric cyberpunk fantastic settings, compelling gameplay, and intricate puzzles, "Block Puzzle Jigsaw Tower" offers hours of entertainment for both puzzle enthusiasts and tower defense fans.
Train your brain in puzzle solving games!

Magic Cataclysm: The game unfolds in a world thrown into chaos by a magical cataclysm that has led to a enemies cyberpunk in the puzzle world. The storyline is intricate, absorbing, and gives depth to your gaming experience. Will you be able to use blocks and logic to survive the changes? It's up to you to navigate through this enchanted chaos and emerge victorious in a puzzle solving game - new smart way to test your surviving skills.

Enemies Cyberpunk: Encounter different classes of enemies, each more formidable than the last, thanks to the magical cataclysm in the puzzle world. Wipe out the undead and earn points to keep your tower defenses robust and ready for the next wave. Your ability to balance strategic defense with swift enemies destruction will be the key to your survival in a puzzle solving game.

Tower Defense Strategy: Building upon the foundational block puzzle gameplay, "Block Puzzle Defense" adds another layer of strategic depth with its thrilling tower defense element. Diversify your defensive capabilities with various types of towers, each offering unique strengths to leverage against the onslaught of enemies. Choose wisely where to place these towers for maximum impact, use your game skills of classic block puzzle and tower defense.

Block Puzzle Tactics: Dive into a reimagined take on the classic Tetris blocks gameplay. Arrange and align various shapes into lines to fortify your block tower against the enemies hordes in puzzle game. With each line you create, you're not just progressing in the game, but also amassing points and building an impenetrable fortress. The challenge and intrigue only heighten as you advance through the increasingly complex levels in puzzle solving games!

Unleash your strategic prowess and puzzle solving skills. So, are you ready to test your wit and strategic prowess in the face of a zombie apocalypse?

Immersive Visuals: "Block Puzzle Defense" stands out with its eye-catching puzzle graphics and richly detailed Cyberpunk settings. We've carefully crafted each level to captivate, challenge, and engross you, offering an immersive gaming experience like no other puzzle solving games!

Join the "Block Puzzle Jigsaw Tower" puzzle solver community today, and let the block-building, enemies-slaying fun begin!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Block Puzzle - Jigsaw Tower.


Developer: CupTea

Recent changes: Added super powers. Fixed bugs.

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