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Work smarter, live better with BeePro - The Timesaving App for Tradespeople!

Spending too long on admin for your business? Then you need BeePro!

BeePro is a job and admin management app designed specifically for tradespeople. You could be an electrician, a plumber, a decorator, or none of the above No matter your trade, BeePro will help you lighten the admin load for your business.

No more lost quotes, no more time spent chasing invoices, BeePro is a simple, reliable and secure tool to manage your business, from the first client visit to the final invoice.

BeePro enables you to manage all of your jobs and customers through your customer timeline and linked email inbox. Use BeePro to quickly create professional quotes, invoices and take payments then and there.


CLIENTS: Keep your business simple. Set up a client with just a name and easily create quotes and invoices to speed up the payment process. BeePro simplifies this process and makes it much easier to send out messages, create quotes and invoices and get paid fast. BeePro will automatically sort your emails, files, quotes and invoices by customer so that nothing gets lost. Access your client timeline for a history of everything youve done with them. Pin notes, photos and images to your timeline to create a full record. You can even pull up documentation from that job you completed months ago.

QUOTES: Create quotes in minutes from line items or a custom template. Add VAT, margin and discounts before sending quotes straight to your customer for approval. Our flexible quote-builder lets you add your logo and colours to make professional and comprehensive quotes with full cost breakdowns. When the job is done, you can turn the quote into an invoice with one tap.

INVOICES: Turn existing quotes into invoices or create a new one and email your client in seconds. Instantly check what youre waiting on from any customer and reduce the need to chase. Just like quotes, invoices can be customised to fit your business. Payment can be taken if you have a Stripe account linked to BeePro. This is a fast and secure way to take payment on your phone. Alternatively, you can simply record if you've been paid by cash, cheque, or bank transfer too!

PAYMENTS: Get paid fast by connecting your Stripe account to BeePro for immediate, secure in-app payments. Connect Stripe to BeePro, for fast, secure payments that will update your records instantly. The customer simply needs to give you their card details, which can be punched straight into BeePro and the payment is taken securely via Stripe. Not paying via card? You can record other types of payment to ensure you know who has and hasnt paid up.

INBOX: Connect your email to BeePro to manage all your client emails in one place dont worry, it only pulls through emails for clients. These will be sorted by client and will appear on the customer timeline to give you the full picture. BeePro creates one, clear place to write, send and receive your client communications, without all the noise.

With BeePro you can manage your business, your customers and their jobs on the go. Start building a history for all the emails, quotes, invoices and jobs carried out for each customer. No more tedious filing of documentation, no more late nights spent creating quotes and no more wondering if your invoices have been received or paid.

All you need is BeePro to get the job done and get paid, fast!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game BeePro: Quotes Invoice Maker.


Developer: Crimson Tide PLC

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