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ATS Alarmpanel Free play online

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ATS Alarmpanel Free

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Play this online game named ATS Alarmpanel Free.

With ATS Alarmpanel APP from Soft & Sec you have the mobile control for ATS alarm panels (classic) made by UTC Fire & Security in your hands.
You just need to have a direct network (local network, WiFi wireless, or VPN connection) from your android phone to the ATS alarm panel (classic only) using ATS1806 or ATS1809 IP-interface.

Before purchasing Basic or Full version you can try out to communicate with ATS panel using your Android phone just install this Free version.

With ATS Alarmpanel Basic "paid version", you have access to some features like:
* Request status inputs zones 1-24
* Request status output 1-16
* Request status areas 1-8
* Arm and Dis-Arm area 1

With ATS Alarmpanel Full "paid version", you have access to all features like:
* Request status all inputs zones
* Request status all outputs
* Request status all areas
* Open all doors (ATS1250)
* All Inputs-Zone Inhibit and un-Inhibit
* Receive Live events from both alarm and access events **
* Arm and Dis-Arm all areas

** When activating to receive events you must take into account the fact that data once to a computer connection is sent by the ATS panel. This means that when events are received on your mobile device later NOT be sent to Titan or Alliance Management software, and vice versa. (this option only available on paid full version)
*** In some countries ATS alarm panels are called Alliance alarm panels - IP interfaces are named AL1806 and AL1809.


In this release the communication to ATS not possible with 2fishkey.

V2.5 - Fixed network policy android level 11 version 4 and up

V3.0 - As promised new light interface like the ATS keypad Basic version - with preview of the symbolic/graphic status screen and preview of keypad interface.



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