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Arkanoid Photo Face Ball play online

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Arkanoid Photo Face Ball

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Play this online game named Arkanoid Photo Face Ball.

Put the face of your friend instead of a ball and destroy them blocks, while earning points.
Arkanoid Photo Face Ball - a game in which you can make the ball flying in the form of any object. Instead of a ball, you can substitute your face and play Arkanoid. Due to this effect and a big imagination is possible to laugh not only themselves, but their friends and relatives. Just upload absolutely any picture from your phone to the game "Arkanoid Photo Face Ball", erase unwanted areas eraser and enjoy the funny game. You can insert the brick, face of his classmates, or even a friend's face anything and anyone, and fun to play and watch this thing bounces off the platform!
The development team hopes that the game will have you liking. Leave your feedback and assessment, so that we know that the game you like and we will make it even better. We need every voice and every opinion.

How to use:
1. Set a picture from the phone into application by pressing the "SET PICTURE"
2. Use 3 types of tools to insert your desired area of the circle, and remove unwanted areas.
(picture region, which is outside the circle, will be visible in the game, but will not strike the blocks)
3. Enjoy the game!




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