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Aqar Chain is digitizing the existing conventional real estate business and expanding to create a block chain enabled tokenized economy to support the transactions, payments, trust and peer to peer connectivity.

The second phase involves a utility token that will also generate revenue in custodial terms where the basic payments will be made through a utility token. Ancillary services like legal support, build and design, the consultancy will be offered through tokenized payments and rewards mechanism

Real estate tokens representing a share in property ownership will allow for a liquid real estate market with transparent prices. The exchange will list properties to create more in demand proposition for fractional ownership. Listed Properties will be managed by Aqar Chain using a 3rd party escrow.

Aqar Chain is creating a real estate investment platform to unleash these opportunities in the blockchain era. This new platform will give investors direct access to a new and lucrative asset class to add to their investment portfolios.

The Aqar Chain platform will provide investors with a seamless, quick, and low-cost way to invest, earn revenue streams, and share in the underlying asset profits without any of the regulatory burdens or restrictions normally associated with these transactions. Aqar Chain further streamlines the real estate investment process by facilitating investment of fiat and cryptocurrency into real estate opportunities and with the option for returns to be paid in any chosen currency.

Aqar Chain provides investors with access to global real estate investment markets which are usually reserved for institutional or high net worth investors. In some countries, utilizing crypto is now blocked due to heavy regulatory restrictions, however, this can be overcome by using the Aqar Chain Platform.
Costs for investing through the Aqar Chain Platform are kept to a minimum and transactions are undertaken more efficiently thanks to an already existing and fully developed business model.

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Developer: Smart Chain

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