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Do you need a scanner that can scan and share all your documents in your desired formats?
Try our all-in-one scanner application. This scanner app is great for simple, accurate, and easy scanning of documents. You can scan documents, change formats and share files with the all-in-one cam scanner app.
With our document scanner app, you can scan anything you need. Gone are the days where you had to manually type down text from images, PDFs, and paper notes. Today, you can scan books, lists, handwritten notes, business cards, documents, academic papers, ID cards, and other documents and save them into PNG, JPEG or PDF.
All in one document scanner application is one of the safest apps for scanning and sharing. Our app stores files locally on your drive from where only you can access them. The application and its contents are inaccessible to the developers and any other third party.
Smart document scanner app can scan all documents with your smartphone camera. You can easily scan and print the following documents with our all-in-one scanner app.
Business contracts, Customer invoices, Bills, Business cards
Letters and Mind Maps
To-do lists, handwritten notes, whiteboards, receipts
All kinds of text and documents that are not available in a digital format
Smart Document converter is also famous for being the great cam scanner PDF converter app. With the conversion features of the all-in-one document scanner, you can easily change PDF to Word, PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, and vice versa.
If you are worried about the quality of your scanned documents, then don't be! Our document scanner application uses advanced algorithms to enhance the document's quality when saving it.
Our cam scanner application works in different languages. You can easily scan documents in English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, HINDI, and many others.
All document scanner application features
Let's summarize the features of our all-in-one document scanner app 2022.
Document scanner
Auto edge detection for accurate document conversion
Auto enhancement and magnifying touches to make the text clear
Scanning option to PDF, PNG, JPG
Scanning partial or complete batch of pages without restrictions
Scanning from the default camera application
Sharing of files in the desired format
QR Code Scanner
Scan QR codes and save them in your gallery
Support scanning of multiple QR codes, including URL, WIFI, MAIL to, and many more.
QR scanning with the default camera of the smartphone. No need to edit the scan.
QR reading for instantly reading and decoding QR with your camera.
QR generator easy to use
Our complete document scanner cum cam scanner application would require your permission to access your contacts, location, photos & media files, store documents, camera app, and WiFi networks. These are all very important permissions enabling you to make scans, conversions of documents, and PDF files.
The document scanner and QR code scanner application are absolutely and provide you with work of more than three different applications in extremely low storage of one.
With our document converter, cam scanner, and QR code scanner application, you can easily manage your notes and digital docs. If you have any reservations or feedback about the scanner app, then we would urge you to enlighten us with your thoughts so that we can update our application according to the requirements of our users.
We welcome all suggestions and productive criticism to improve our products. For more queries and to show your concerns contact us at: [email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game All in One Scanner - Doc Scan.


Developer: SB Tech Ltd.

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