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Take Control of Your Inner Chatter, Manifest Your True You.

If youre new to Affirmations - read this: (if youre already familiar with affirmations - skip to the next paragraph)
Looking for a way to improve your life, overcome challenges, increase your mental health and achieve your dreams and goals faster than ever before? Well - youre at the right place. Positive affirmations are backed up by science. Multiple studies and researches claim that positive affirmations work by stimulating parts of the brain associated with self-related processing and reward. They also claim that affirmations help with confidence and self-competence.
Simply by writing and consuming positive affirmations about any challenge or goal in your life - in an inspiring way - youre rewiring your brain to believe what youre willing to

Heres what youre getting with Affirmations & Co:
- We believe that affirmations should be consumed in a beautiful and inspiring manner, so you could really connect to your own words of affirmations and have a more effective experience rewiring your brain and manifesting them into your life

- Studies have shown that by consuming text in both visual AND audio manner - the information will process better in our brain. Thats why we added the audio feature for you to be able to read your affirmations also while LISTENING to your own voice reading it out loud.

- The catalyst to this app was - believe it or not - a Whatsapp group where the two founders of this app shared their affirmations with each other. Affirmations - when shared with friends and colleagues - can be a great way to push each other to higher standards! Thats why we built Affirmations & Co - as its name uncovers - a social network so you can invite your friends, follow them on the app and get notified when they post new affirmations. You can also enjoy other peoples affirmations and make them your own with one tap!

Enjoy this app! And be sure to share this with others so you could follow one another - and also rate us whenever possible.

We also welcome your feedback. Feel free to message us at [email protected] with any feedback you might have that will make this app better for you!

Heres to manifesting your dreams!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Affirmations Co.



Recent changes: - New! Now you can start an affirmation session quickly and easily via our new Quick-Start widget in the home screen of the app.
- All affirmations now auto-slide to the next affirmation after a few seconds. Tap & hold to view the affirmation for longer, or let the session continue seamlessly
- New design improvements, bugs solved, and experience improvements for first time users of the app

We would LOVE your feedback- write a review and help us make this app the best affirmations app for you

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