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Pen and pencil we toured the courthouse. We worked hard, we couldn't get out of the hearings. We struggled with decisions and interim decisions. Some of us are in the prosecutor's office, some of us are in prison, some of us are in law. We have been dealing with the plaintiff, the defendant, the participant, the suspect, the suspect, whatever it is, even with his death, as we are dealing with his surviving and insane. Just when we said that we finished the work at hand, a new one always came to him.

When you said 17:30, let's not be one of the civil servants who can say goodbye to me. Weekday - always work on the weekend. Even when we go to bed at night, work is always on our minds.

Our name doesn't matter. we are all going through the same things. Who are we? We are long-suffering, devoted Judiciary.

But does anyone understand? Unfortunately. Only the judges understand the situation of the judge.

So far, there are many Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, etc., opened as "Justice", where we can socialize with our colleagues and get help when necessary. We became members. We saw that citizens and advertisers are swarming together rather than personnel. Look, it didn't happen again??

That's why this platform is only for Judicialists. Our intention is to get away from all our busyness and tiredness for a moment.

Oh, without forgetting.

If we say courthouse, our platform is for all personnel, whoever you can think of, in Courthouses, Prisons, Enforcements, DSMs.

In the past, the name of the Ministry of Justice was the Ministry of Justice. You get the scope.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Adliyeciler.


Developer: Faruqi

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