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The Adiga language is one of the Norton Circassian languages, and in turn it branches into dialects spoken by Adiga or Circassian, including Abkhaz, Bajdog, Kabardi, Shapsug and others.

Adiga application provides you with complete information about Circassian culture, customs, traditions, music and their images.

The flag of Adiga is a green field with twelve gold stars, nine of them form an arc, and the other three are placed horizontally and in the center are three crossed arrows.
The green color of the flag symbolizes the color of the spring of the homeland, the twelve stars represent the Adiga tribes with an emphasis that they are completely identical as a symbol of equality in unity, and the three arrows symbolize that they are a peaceful people who do not believe in violence.

Circassian dance , which is a kind of gentle dance for the girl and manly for the young man, and it is a noble and modest dance, where the dancers rarely touch in any way during it. Also, dancing parties that often take place during weddings, events or evenings have well-known customs and traditions that should not be overlooked.

Download the Adiga application now, learn general information about Circassians, perform the tests included with the application, enjoy their music and play online the wonderful pictures in the pictures section.

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