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India has more than 40+ Cr. salary based population. However, 70% of the households in the country earn less than 800/day, forcing them to live from paycheck to paycheck. Acciopay is on a mission to create products and services enable this under-served workforce to achieve financial independence.

Our core offering, which we call as Earned Wage Access (EWA), enables employees to withdraw a portion of their accrued salary on demand to meet emergency expenses without taking high-cost credit or borrowing from friends or family. Its an employer-backed initiative that helps the employees manage their mid-month liquidity crunch, thereby bolstering retention and making their lives better and financially flexible.

Acciopay is a free service for partnering employers. Our backend solution seamlessly integrates with the employers HRMS systems, without changing the existing payment process. We front the payment risk and effort, leaving very little burden on the employers. Providing EWA to the employees is a differentiating factor for the employers, ensuring a higher retention of employees by giving them more financial flexibility.

Employees can play online the Acciopay app and sign-up on the platform once the employer is onboarded. Employees can use the app to track their accrued wages and previous transaction history. They can easily raise request for new withdrawals (based on pre-set percentages set by the employer) on-demand. Acciopay doesnt levy any hidden charges or interest. Every withdrawal includes a small, fixed transaction fee levied by Acciopay. However, the amount is marginal compared to the high-cost personal loan options currently available.

Financial uncertainty is hard on employees, and causes even the best employers to struggle with a stressed and continuously churning workforce. Acciopay is the first step towards breaking the fixed pay cycle and giving financial control back to the employees and build a sustainable, long-term workforce.

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Developer: Acciopay

Recent changes: Release Notes:
Acciopay is your one-stop solution to track your earned wages and request on-demand salary withdrawal* in real time. This is the first version of the App that allows you to:

1. Track your earned wages
2. Request instant salary withdrawal directly to your linked bank account
3. Keep a track of your transaction history
4. Report an issue to our customer service support team for resolution
The app onboarding process is simple and intuitive.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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