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AccessCare ASiH is a healthcare provider that works on behalf of Region Stockholm. The care is directed to the patient with a serious medical condition that requires connection to a care provider around the clock. Within AccessCare, a team of doctors, nurses, dietician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and counselor work.

To connect to ASiH care and receive help from us, a referral is required, consult your responsible doctor. We receive patients from ASiH area 5. The care is free of charge for the patient. If you live as a patient in Norrmalm, Gamla Stan, Sdermalm, Kungsholmen, stermalm, Solna or Liding, you have the option of choosing us as your healthcare provider. AccessCare can also receive patients on consulting assignments, for example to give blood transfusions or intravenous antibiotic treatment at home for a limited period

Now we are also available digitally for our registered patients. Download our App to be able to chat with our nurses, doctors and other staff involved in your care. We can also offer video calls for our enrolled patients.

ASiH AccessCare works in a structured manner with individual care plans that are continuously updated to create security in treatment and communication among our patients.

Within ASiH, we can do much of what is usually done in hospitals, for example we can take samples, give intravenous drugs and blood transfusions at home. Various digital tools and interactive channels are used to partly streamline patient work and partly to simplify communication with patients and to ensure that the patient can become an active part of their own care. Within the business, we have modified vans with materials and examination equipment that can be compared to a "mini health center on wheels" that allow us to go to the patient, instead of the other way around.

It is not just about providing medical care, but ensuring that the patient is taken care of, feels seen and heard.

We must have a holistic approach to the situation and ensure that the patient's wishes are fulfilled and that we adjust how he feels psychologically due to his illness diagnosis.

Being able to live at home with loved ones usually leads to increased well-being

Living at home speeds up the recovery process and thus the possibility of returning to working life.

The need for logistics is reduced because the care comes home to the patient and his relatives and family.

Most patients choose the home instead of the ward for various personal reasons.

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