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2048 Of Diablo

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game 2048 Of Diablo.


I'm a developer, Simple Buff.

I was playing 2048 and found a shovel and I thought it wasn't 2048.

So I made a monster appear in 2048, so I wouldn't let him swipe it.

Now you'll have to play 2048 more strategic moment by moment.

Why don't you try 2048 against a monster with 12 skills?

For your information... I've made a developer, but I haven't officially reached the end yet.

During the test... 1024 was the highest record.


If you're not a real master, maybe you can't do it until 2048.

[ How to play ]

1. Swipe the numbers together.
2. Monsters appear here, and each monster has its own skills and turns.
3. Take care of monsters using skills and gradually combine the numbers.
4. When the last 2048 is reached, the monster is cleared.
5. Attack all 12 monsters.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game 2048 Of Diablo.



Recent changes: 1. When a monster uses a skill, modify it to make sure that a pop-up window pops up.
2. Increases block movement speed.

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