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1A2B Brainstorming Game

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Play this online game named 1A2B Brainstorming Game.

A classic guessing game, you can move the way to pass the time when idle brains. The game contains three different gameplay
(1)System set up a four random different numbers let you guess the answer
(2)You each have an answer and the system, the system uses elimination and you guess the answer each
(3)Two people guess each other via a Bluetooth connection set four different numbers(Double game)

2013/11/08 V1.4 Add Statistical score.
(1)Guess system answers (1 guessed 20 points, 15 points twice, three times with 10 points, four times scored 5 points, 3 points five times, 6 to 9 times 2 points, and the remaining 1 point), and systems for guessing (win 10 points, tied with 5 points, loser 1 point)
(2)Battle with system(win 10 points, tied with 5 points, loser 1 point)
(3)Bluetooth Double Battle (win 2 points, tied 1 point, loser 0 points)
(4)Statistics items contains
a.Guess System Answers (Minimum guess count, Minimum count time, Minimum time, Maximum guess count)
b.Battle with system or Bluetooth Double Battle (win count, lose count, tie count)


2013/10/24 V1.3 provides no menu by pressing the number buttons under [Click here] alternative entrance
2013/11/08 V1.4 Add Statistical score.



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